When parents share a child in our state and have parted ways as a couple, one of the issues that must be addressed is child support. In most cases, the custodial parent and the supporting parent will want to ensure adequately care for the child. This is true even if there are lingering issues between the two of them.

Unfortunately, in some cases, there is a dispute between the parents and the supporting parent does not pay what is owed on time, in full, or does not make the payments at all. When this is the case, it is important to understand how to enforce a child support order. When there is a child support order, but it is not paid, it is vital to try and enforce it. Enforcement can be done by dealing with the supporting parent privately or it is possible to use the Missouri Family Support Division — Child Support Enforcement (FSD).

There are different ways to enforce a child support order. Wage withholding is one strategy that can be effective. This can be done without telling the supporting parent that it is taking place, so it is the fastest and most useful method to getting the payments.

For supporting parents who have become delinquent for an amount that equals the total support owed for one month, the income will be withheld until further notice. There will be an extra 50 percent beyond the amount that is ordered.

There are other ways to enforce a child support order. There can be liens on real estate and personal property. If the supporting parent is found in civil contempt, he or she can be sent to jail for failing to pay what is owed.

Failure to pay child support is a serious issue that should be dealt with immediately. In a best-case scenario, the parties can come together and settle the matter with discussion and negotiation. However, that is not always successful, and it is necessary to take other steps. A law firm that is experienced with child support and other aspects of family law can assist in dealing with this situation from the perspective of the supporting parent and the custodial parent.