Parents in Kansas City and throughout our state will always want to place their children and their well-being first. This is especially important when the couple ends a marriage and must determine child custody and visitation. Unfortunately, this is also the most contentious matter in a divorce. Therefore, it is important to have competent and experienced legal advice.

Some cases are relatively amicable. In these instances, despite the issues that led to the parents parting ways, they can communicate in a friendly and agreeable manner to serve the best interests of the child.

On the other extreme though, couples argue over everything, and both parties want to have primary custody. This can be difficult terrain to navigate, but even in these cases, the parents will inevitably want to have the child cared for and stable. In these circumstances, and anywhere in between, a lawyer can make the process easier.

There are many factors that go into a child custody case. The following will be paramount: if the parents can cooperate; how closely the parents will live from one another; if the parents are willing to be positive about the child’s relationship with the other parent; if there are emotional and mental factors to consider; the individual situations and variances; and the child’s age and maturity. If the case can be handled by negotiation or if it needs to go to court, legal advice is a must.

The parents who have parted ways as a couple must make certain to keep the child and his or her interests in mind. For any child custody case, a lawyer is vital and should be contacted as soon as the decision to end a marriage is made.