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Skilled Advocacy In Spousal Support Matters

Berkowitz Cook Gondring Driskell & Drobeck, LLC, has a 25-year history of providing exceptional representation to clients in many different family law matters. In divorce, spousal maintenance — which is also referred to as alimony or spousal support — can be a major source of conflict.

The spouse who requests spousal support may be worried about being able to afford living independently. Meanwhile, the spouse who is obligated to pay spousal support may be worried about being able to afford their own expenses.

The law outlines a number of important factors that guide family law lawyers and courts to make spousal maintenance determinations in divorce cases. Some of these factors include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Ability to pay
  • Whether receiving spouse is or may be self-supporting
  • Income and income disparity
  • Age
  • Award of property
  • Employment history
  • Contribution and sacrifice of each spouse during marriage
  • Child support determination, if any

A determination is made whether spousal maintenance is warranted and then the duration of the support.

Resolving Your Financial Challenges

A lot may go into a spousal support determination and more often than not, an agreement is reached between the parties outside of court involvement. This may be reached during negotiation or mediation. We often encourage clients to consider alternative dispute resolution because it allows for more control over the process and fewer resources expended on litigation. However, when necessary, we will take the matter to trial on behalf of our clients to ensure that they get the financial result that allows them to move forward with peace of mind.

Find Out About How To Structure Your Spousal Support

There is no one right way to implement spousal maintenance and support. Call or contact our experienced team of attorneys at 816-753-5000 . We offer representation in Kansas and Missouri and throughout the Kansas City metro area.

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