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Setting Up Your Child’s Future

Many people have misconceptions about child support — how it is calculated, how it is applied and what it may include. Child support is the amount of financial support that the court finds is required to take care of your child’s basic needs such as food, housing and medical expenses. Often families have a high standard of living that will allow for creative options in child support to include extracurricular activities and private school or college educational expenses.

At Berkowitz Cook Gondring Driskell & Drobeck, LLC, we will evaluate your circumstances and determine what may be appropriate for child support. You may be the one who is going to be paying child support, or the one who will receive it. Both parents usually want to have assurance that they will be financially stable, remain at their current or close to their current standard of living and that their children will be financially taken care of in the event of a custody dispute or a divorce.

Income Determinations — Self-Employed And Business Owners

One of the most critical ways our experienced lawyers help clients is in income determinations. Child support requires the determination of parties’ incomes. This can be challenging when one or both parties are self-employed or the owner of a business. It can also be challenging when there are other sources of income other than employment.

In order to fully evaluate your financial circumstances and the financial circumstances of your spouse, a full and complete disclosure of information needs to happen on both sides.

At our firm, we pride ourselves on our thorough preparation in every case, especially complex financial matters.

Find Out More About Your Financial Obligations

Our attorneys can review your case and give you guidance on what child support may look like for your particular circumstances. Call our Kansas City office at 816-753-5000 or send us an online inquiry to find out more.

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