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The Appeals Process

Sometimes, the trial court decision may be questionable based on the law and/or the facts of your case. When this occurs, your only recourse is with the Court of Appeals. At Berkowitz Cook Gondring Driskell & Drobeck, LLC, we have experience in handling and winning appeals in both Missouri and Kansas.

We are skilled in reviewing and analyzing the trial record to determine whether or not there is trial error to warrant filing an appeal. We are also skilled in responding to appeals to defend the actions of the trial court when the other party files an appeal.

The Timeline Is Crucial

Be aware that the deadlines for filing appeals are strictly followed, and you need to act quickly to preserve your issues.

File An Appeal | Defend An Appeal

Contact our firm to get more information about the appellate process. Call 816-701-9212 to reach our Kansas City office. We handle family law appeals in both Kansas and Missouri.

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